My name is Peigen Zhou (周培根). "培根" the direct translation of 培根 is Bacon. But "培" in Chinese means "cultivate", "根" means "root". My grandpa gives me the name, hope I can be a man who has solid base like a tree.

I am a third year Ph.D. student in Department of Statistics, UW-Madison, where I am advised by Yajuan Si.
Currently I work in the fields of Bayesian inference, non-parametric Bayesian, I am also interested in parallel MCMC and deep learning.
Before came to Madison, I finished my bachelor degree in School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), worked with Zhouwang YANG on compress sensing and image retrieve.
I am also a lab assistant at SLA lab working with Jacee Cho, using hierarchical multilevel modeling to investigate the nature of second language acquisition mechanisms from a cognitive perspective.


Karl Broman, my favoriate Professor, Data Scientist, Tutor, every tutorial is simple and neat

Emacs, my favoriate editor, which has over 2,000 built-in commands and allows the user to combine these commands into macros to automate work.

Stan, my everyday research tools is a probabilistic programming language featuring fast, highly optimized inference algorithms. It supports a large class of models, with a user base of roughly 10,000.